1. The Fear Of Violence

    The fear of violence should never be something that you stand for. Unfortunately, divorce isn’t usually a very pleasant experience for most who go through it. People turn ugly, mostly in contested divorce, when the odds are not in their favors. Desperation, especially when faced with divorce, can cause people to take a turn for the worst resulting in deceit, emotional abuse in a plea to get the …Read More

  2. Welcome to C. Rainford Law Firm

    Welcome to C. Rainford Law Firm, your top rated local Georgia law firm! We have four great locations all over Georgia for your convenience! Let us be your law firm choice in Stockbridge, Clarkston, Alpharetta, and Conyers. Our firm has been in business for over twenty years, which is why we consider ourselves experts in handling personal injury, immigration, family law, and bankruptcy cases. Wheth…Read More

  3. When To Call A Divorce Lawyer

    Knowing when to hire a divorce lawyer is not always black and white. Divorces range from being simple and civilized to being extremely ugly. Regardless of how long you have known or loved someone, the pain, anger, and disappointment that can be caused by divorce is excruciating. Your family will never be whole again. Many couples choose to try and resolve their issues on their own, but for some it…Read More