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America has for decades welcomed those who dream of citizenship. But navigating through the process can be a show stopper; and with the changes implemented by the current administration, naturalization can seem hopeless. The lengthy procedure can be difficult, time consuming and confusing, but the Rainford Law Firm is here to help! We understand your challenges because our diverse firm consist of naturalized staff who has conquered the tedious task of becoming American citizens.


Citizenship offers many benefits including the right to vote, the right to have a U.S. passport, automatic citizenship for children born in the U.S., access to better job opportunities, and the peace of mind that you are legal.

The process involves a lot of paperwork; so many different forms that can give you a headache! Don’t concern yourself with where to start, simply give the Rainford Law Firm a call, schedule a free consultation; we provide a broad range of immigration-law services.

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What is immigration?
Immigration is the arrival of new individuals into a habitat or population. It is a biological concept and is important in population ecology, differentiated from emigration and migration

What is a Green Card?
A green card is the document required for an immigrant to work and live legally in the United States of America.

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