1. When To File For Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is a scary term with a lot of negativity attached to it. It is when you owe more than you can afford to pay. This occurs when you overspend and can’t catch up on your bills or credit card payments. In situations like this, you need to thoroughly assess your finances including stocks and bonds and any other liquid assets. Any and everything that you own should be valued to determine wh…Read More

  2. When Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

    If you or someone you know has been a victim of personal injury, it is smart to hire legal representation. The financial cost well outweighs the overall benefits that having a personal injury lawyer will provide. Sometimes, the simple  threat of getting your lawyer involved will result in benefits in your favor. Whether your case goes to court or can be reconciled man to man, it is good to have a…Read More

  3. Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

    If you are immigrating to America from another country, you are required to be granted a green card or an immigrant visa by the United States government. If your case is straightforward with no complications such as a criminal history or a history of run ins with the Department of Immigration, you can receive a green card with no issue. However, if you have a complicated case,  chances are that y…Read More

  4. Welcome to C. Rainford Law Firm

    Welcome to C. Rainford Law Firm, your top rated local Georgia law firm! We have four great locations all over Georgia for your convenience! Let us be your law firm choice in Stockbridge, Clarkston, Alpharetta, and Conyers. Our firm has been in business for over twenty years, which is why we consider ourselves experts in handling personal injury, immigration, family law, and bankruptcy cases. Wheth…Read More